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Today the chief event in the field of education is the reforms which started nearly ten years ago and have been continuing so far. They were preconditioned by Bologna declaration and their main purpose is the formation of Common European Educational Area, opportunity of students’ free movement and providing competitiveness of graduates in the labor market. While implementing the educational reforms the Agrarian University, taking into consideration the nature and vulnerability of the educational system, followed such a principle as every innovation should be introduced only in the case of detailed investigation, experimentation and consideration of current conditions observing the efficient elements of the traditional educational system. The first stage of the educational reforms that is the transition into two-level educational system has been implemented fluently and efficiently as in all the state higher educational institutions of the Republic, as well as in ANAU. The second stage is the introduction of the educational process organizing credit system, requires more diligence and proper investigation and experimentation, as the introduced system is significantly different from the traditional one. According to the RA Government resolution, the credit system introduced in the Agrarian University has performed since September 1, 2006. In common with the credit systems introduced in Yerevan State University and the State Engineering University of Armenia, it was considered as experimental, for since 2000 Armenian-American Agribusiness High School has been functioning at the University, where the education is organized by the credit system. In common with the RA Ministry of Education and Science a forty-year program of the system introduction was processed and conformed, ANAU strategy development standpoint in which great importance is attached to the system reforms and progresses intending to complete all the preparatory work of integration to the common European educational framework in 2011-2012.

Though above mentioned undertakings and achievements have ensured a high reputation for ANAU, still there is a lot to be changed and developed. In this sense, the University staff has a strong will to implement all the necessary requirements in order to have its place and role among the world top Universities.


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