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Specialties of Faculty of Economics

 Սննդարդյունաբերության էկոնոմիկա և կառավարումEconomics and Management of Agrarian Industry

The specialty of “Food Industry Economics and Management” has a very important role in development of agrifood system. Economist of this specialty may work as manager of industrial, services, consulting organizations, as well as be engaged in social-political, pedagogical activity.

Ագրարային արտադրության էկոնոմիկա և կառավարում Economics and Management of Food Industry

Specialty of “Agrarian Production Economics and Management ” refers to agricultural cooperatives, joint-stock companies, enterprises supplying and processing agricultural raw materials, regional centers of agricultural support, and service sphere of agrarian food system, tax and customs systems, the spheres of local self-government and research, academic, state and regional management.This major, by its nature, has a strategic importance for the development of agriculture of the Republic, as the graduates hold leading positions in the above mentioned branches.

Ագրոպարենային համակարգի ֆինանսների կառավարումFinance Management of Agrifood System

The specialty of “Agrifood System Finance Management” gives the graduates a complex of professional knowledge in the following fields: state and non-state finance, bank and non-bank spheres, stock-exchange and insurance in agrifood system, investment policy and money circulation, financial management, marketing, financial analysis, securities market, taxes and tax assessment, statistics, financial accounting and accounting procedure. The specialists of this sphere are of great demand, as they can hold a leading position in financial structures of any economic players in agrifood system.

Ագրոպարենային համակարգի հաշվապահական հաշվառում և աուդիտAccounting and Audit of Agrifood System

Trains accountants of branch direction for the agrifood sphere of the Republic that can occupy the following jobs: an accountant at the enterprises of agrifood system, a treasurer, an internal auditor, a head of economic service in the sphere of agribusiness, a financier at the central accounting dеpartment of the Ministry of Agriculture and a key specialist at finance boards, an economist-accountant in the regional and local authorities, a senior officer of crediting department in the bank system, an inspector or accountant of state tax service and its subdivisions, an accountant of accounting procedure and analysis, an auditor at auditing organizations, etc.

images76Agrarian policy, consultation and Information 

Alumni of this specialty have adequate knowledge for investing new technologies in the industry, as well as corresponding skills for organizing trainings for effective production and processing of agricultural food. They can also provide with necessary consultation if needed.

Alumni can work in individual farms, reprocessing enterprises of village communities, as well as in spheres of import and export of agricultural products, in local and regional consultation structures, in scientific research centers and institutes and in NGO's.


Economists in this field have stable knowledge about economy theory, mathematics’ statistics, about general and insurance statistics, stock market, insurance companies and their management, bank activity, insurance right, international insurance system, tax policy and marketing.

Bachelors in Insurance may work in different branches of economy, including agri-industrial complex, organizations that provide professional services. Also they may work in state and local self-governing bodies, banks and insurance companies. They also have adequate skills for analyzing data information on insurance activities, duties, incomes and expenses, finance activity of organizations and etc.

Agribusiness and Marketing

Alumni of this specialty have adequate knowledge and skill in order to work in different structures of market based economy, in organizations that provide marketing services. They realize formulation of social-economic data, market analyses, as well as explanation on changes occurred in economy, incomes and expenses, finance activity.

Commodity Science and Quality Expertise

The need in specialists of this field is mainly because of special character of agrarian and agri-reprocessing field, of its quality features and standards. Alumni have adequate knowledge on agrifood raw-material, product and quality expertise methods, about their physical-chemical features, standards and certification. They also make and elaborate expertise conclusions of animal produce and plant growing.

Economist - marketologists should have adequate knowledge about product raw-materials, their technological demands, as well as about organizations that are in charge of food-stuff security, legal base of this sphere and etc. 


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