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Chair of Agrarian Economics


Acting Chair

Vardan Aleksanyan

Upon the decision of the ANAU Board of Trustees made during the session on November 6 the chair of “Agrarian Economics” was established as a result of the unification of the chairs. 

The Chair of Economics of Agri Industrial Complex was founded in 1960. Later in 1994 in result of unification of two Institutes some structural changes took place. From the day of foundation till 1981 the head of chair was Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor A. Marukhyan, then Candidate of Economic Sciences K.Grigoryan, Candidate of Economic Sciences H. Qloyan, and from 2006 up today L.Hakobyan. The chair trains specialists in the following fields:Economics and Management of Agrarian Production,Economics and Management of Food Industry, Agribusiness and Marketing,Commodity Research and Expertise of Commodity Quality,Commerce and Marketing.

Curricula and methodical instructions have been elaborated, as well as plans for course , diploma works, master’s theses and practices. Lecturers and postgraduates have been trained in the Russian Federation (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Rostov), the USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Greece, Sweden.

The chair of Theory of Economics was founded in 1994 due to unification of chairs of Political Economy of Armenian Agricultural and Yerevan Zoo Veterinary Institutes. The head of chair is Candidate of Economic Sciences, Docent H. Harutyunyan.

In the Chairs of Political Economy both in Armenian Agricultural Institute and Yerevan Zoo Veterinary Institute famous scientists as M. Kotanyan, V.Khochabekyan, M.Adonts, P. Voskerchyan, M.Yeganyan have worked for a long time. The subject of "Theory of Economics" is lectured in all ANAU faculties. Along with the improvement of  the educational process the chair conducts both scientific research and educational - methodological activities.

Quite a number of monographs, scientific articles, educational, scientific and methodological tutorials have been published, such as K. Nersisyan’s "Theory of Economics", and A. Hovakimyan’s "International Economic Relations".

The staff of the chair does its best in order to include maximum amount of students in scientific and research woks. During the last decade a lot of lecturers of the University wrote and defented their candidate theses.

Lecturers of the chair conduct scientific-research works and are involved in different scientific themes. For example a research work is done devoted to problems of nature protection. The chair has planned to publish a text-book on “Agrarian Economics”, as well as 6 methodical instructions. The chair has published 13 monographs, more than 545 scientific articles, more than 170 booklets and educational-methodical works.

The chair also conducts researches on Doctoral and Candidate theses, the chair has 18 postgraduates and an applicant, 8 of them from Iran’s Islamic Republic, 29 masters .

Student Scientific Club conducts adjunct to the chair headed by M. Martirosyan. Annually conferences are held were the works for a whole year are summarized. This club provides the students with opportunities to enlarge their theoretical knowledge, and research abilities.

The chair closely collaborates with Scientific Research Institute after M. Kotanyan, as well as other economic universities and scientific centers, RA Ministry of Agriculture.

Chair of Commodity Science and Marketing was founded in 2010. The aim of establishing this chair was to deepen professional skills among the students of faculties of Economics, Agribusiness and Marketing,Master and PhD students. Head of chair is Armine Smbatyan. Lecturers of the chair periodically participate in trainings held abroad; USA, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Omsk, Greece, Belgium.
Lecturers, PhD students of chair have published 83 scientific and educational-methodical works, including one monography, 3 educational-methoducal handbook, 15 lecturing texts.New syllabuses have been formed , as well as methodical endouts for master thesises, essays and control works. Beneficiaries from different regions have been trained by the chair specialists.


Head of chair is Harutyun Harutyunyan - candidate of sciences, docent 

    1. Smbatyan Armine - candidate of sciences, docent
    2. Hakobyan Levchenko - candidate of sciences, docent
    3. Mamikonyan Henrik - doctor of sciences, professor
    4. Chatinyan Rafik - candidate of sciences, docent
    5. Meloyan Sergey - candidate of sciences, docent
    6. Petrosyan Sayad - doctor of sciences, docent
    7. Sanasaryan Anahit- candidate of sciences, docent
    8. Martirosyan Maro - candidate of sciences, docent
    9. Papoyan Harutyun - candidate of sciences, docent
    10. Khojoyan Karen - candidate of sciences, docent
    11. Kocharyan Tonik - candidate of sciences, docent
    12. janeryan Hasmik - candidate of sciences, docent
    13. Khachatryan Gohar - candidate of sciences, docent
    14. Vardanyan Arshak - candidate of sciences, docent
    15. Malkhasyan Karine - candidate of sciences, docent
    16. Tovmasyan Rubik- candidate of sciences, docent
    17. Melkonyan Vachagan - candidate of sciences, lecturer
    18. Kupelyants Nona - candidate of sciences, lecturer
    19. Jepjepyan Shake - docent
    20. Matinyan Alvard - candidate of sciences, lecturer
    21. Sahakyan Kristine - candidate of sciences, lecturer
    22. Manucharyan Meri - candidate of sciences, lecturer
    23. Edigaryan Lusine - assistant
    24. Mnatsakanyna Karine - assistant
    25. Papoyan Nana - assistant
    26. Grigoryan Nona - assistant
    27. Karapetyan Diana - assistant
    28. Hovhannisyan Martin - assistant
    29. Hovhannisyan David - assistant
    30. Gabrielyan Stella - assistant
    31. Vardanyan Alvard - assistant
    32. Sargsyan Naira- assistant
    33. Hayrapetyan Gohar - assistant
    34. Esayan Evgenia - assistant
    35. Gasparyan Narine - assistant
    36. Petrosyan Anush - assistant
    37. Nikoyan Anahit - assistant
    38. Melkonyan Ani- assistant
    39. Gevorgyan Qristine - senior laboratory assistant
    40. Asatryan Gohar - junior laboratort assistant

"Agrarian Economics","Economics of Agri Industrial Complex","Economics of agriculture","Economics pf Labor","Economics of Water Economy", "Land Reclamation Economics","Transportation Economics", "Machinery Construcction Economy", "Leather and Fur Production Economy", Food Industry Economy","Economy of Natural Resources".


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