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Chair of Agriculture Automation and Exploitation of Agricultural Machinery


Head of Chair 
Margaryan Armen 

On November 6, 2018, upon the decision of Board of Trustees the chairs of Exploitation of Agricultural Techniques, Agricultural Machinery Repair Technology and Agriculture Electrification were united into the chair of “Agriculture Automation and Agricultural Machinery Exploitation”.

Former chair of Automobiles - Tractors Park Exploitation was formed in 1951. Docent V.P.Galstyan, G.M.Karapetyan, V.A.Shahbazyan, A.J.Aghasaryan, Professor S.E.Margaryan have headed the chair through its history. During those years huge amount of scientific research work have been carried out; new technologies and devises have been constructed. In 2008 Professor A.S.Margaryan was elected as the head of chair, who not only preserves but also develops traditions of the chair.

Scientific research works are implemented in two basic directions: the exploitation of agricultural machinery and the elaboration of new technologies of animal-breeding automation and small energy saving machines. The chair staff also carries out researches for elaboration of alternative energy resource technologies for agricultural production and the introduction of machinery development. The trainings of the students are carried out in the special laboratories of automobile technical maintenance, aggregate technical diagnosis, food-cultivation machines, milk obtaining and primary cultivation equipment.

The lecturers of the chair received mre than 100 copyright patents, some of them were patented in Canada, France and Germany. More than 600 scientific works, various monographs and manuals have been published. New teaching technologies have been worked out for all subjects. The staff of the chair cooperates with other chairs of the ANAU, with Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture Mechanization, Electrification and Transportation, with scientific centers of Armenia, Farmers’ National Union and farms.

In 1946 Chair of Machinery Construction and in 1948 Chair of Metal Technology together with Chair of Material Resistance were founded in Armenian Agricultural Institute. In 1950 the Chair of Metal Technology separated and reformed as Chair of Construction Material Technology which was headed by Professor M.A.Esayan till 1988. Professor V.V.Hambardzumyan, Docents L.A.Sahakyan, H.M.Martirosyan, S.A.Kokhlikayn ahev been heads of the chair. Since 2006 the Chair is headed by Professor D.P.Petrosyan. In 2008 the chair was renamed after its founder Mikayel Esayan. Later on after several reformations in 2003 it became Chair of Agricultural Machinery Construction Technology and Reconstruction. In 2008 the chair was called by the name of founder M. Yesayan.

The chair has weld, metalwork and machining workshops, as well as metal-cutting, material, replacement and technical measuring laboratories which are supplied with modern technical means and the laboratory of metal-cutting - with interactive blackboard and computer.

The main tendency of the scientific-research refers the research of metal-cutting loom and the dynamic process research of the cutting system. More than 270 scientific articles have been published by the staff and aspirants of the chair, as well as monographs, popular scientific books and methodical manuals.

The students’ production practice is carried out in a number of places: in the laboratories, workshops, in experimental farm reconstruction workshop of Balahovit, in "Garry Group" Ltd., in "Interstanok" OJSC, in "Armenian Molibden Production" and etc.

The Chair of Agriculture Electrification was founded in 1960 by the efforts of Docent Q.R.Palyan andt H.S.Grigoryan. The first head of chair was Q.Palyan, and later the chair was headed by the following people; Docents H.S.Grigoryan, S.H.Teryan, Professor K.E.Rostomyan, Docents R.A.Davtyan, A.A.Matevosyan. Since 2013 head of chair is Docent G.L.Vardanyan.

One of the main orientations of the scientific researches and works mainly refer to intensification of electrification of agricultural production in the conditions of Armenia. Together with the Chair of Automobiles and Tractors the scientific-research work has been conducted related to the improvement of mobile stability of automobile-tractor aggregates, as well as with other chairs referring the development of small size food-cutting machines and the justification of their parameters. More than 160 scientific works and 1 manual have been published, as well as the chair has received 22 copyrights and patents. Numerous reports have been presented to national and international scientific conferences.



Head of chair is Margaryan Armen - doctor of sciences, professor

    1. Petrosyan Daniel - doctor of sciences, professor
    2. Shahbazyan Vardges - professor, adviser
    3. Papyan Seryozha - candidate of sciences, docent
    4. Grigoryan Albert - candidate of sciences, docent
    5. Vardanyan Gohar - candidate of sciences, docent
    6. Danielyan Gevorg - candidate of sciences, docent
    7. Davtyan Armen - candidate of sciences, docent
    8. Mazmanyan Aram - candidate of sciences, docent
    9. Kokhlikyan Seyran - doctor of sciences, docent
    10. Matghashyan Hakob - candidate of sciences, docent
    11. Esayan Pavel - candidate of sciences, docent
    12. Galstyan Hamest - candidate of sciences, docent
    13. Altunyan Artur - candidate of sciences, docent
    14. Tadevosyan Homeros - candidate of sciences, docent
    15. Hakobyan Karen - candidate of sciences, docent
    16. Movsesyan Marieta - lecturer
    17. Baghdagulyan Aleksey - lecturer
    18. Baroyan Aida - lecturer
    19. Antonyan Lusine - candidate of sciences, lecturer
    20. Babayan Armen - candidate of sciences, lecturer
    21. Gharibyan Karine - head of laboratory
    22. Arshakyan Vrezh - leading specialist
    23. Sargsyan Laura - laboratory assistant
    24. Eghiazaryan Ruzanna - laboratory assistant
    25. Harutyunyan Lusine - laboratory assistant
    26. Matevosyan Mikayel - laboratory assistant
    27. Kharatyan Sona - laboratory assistant
    28. Shahverdyan Hayk - head of workshop
    29. Ghazaryan Gayane - senior laboratory assistant
    30. Aghabekyan Varduhi - senior laboratory assistant
    31. Harutyunyan Spartak - junior laboratory sssistant
    32. Simonyan Albert - junior laboratory sssistant
    33. Harutyunyan Avetis - senior laboratory assistant
    34. Simonyan Marieta - junior laboratory assistant

"Exploitation of Agricultural Machinery", "Wood Agricultural Machinery Mechanization","Material-Technical Assurance of Agriculture","Mechanization of Animal Husbandry Farms", "Agriculture Mechanization","Production Training and Road Traffic Rules for Master Students", "Agraraian Technique and Driving","Exploitation of Automobile-Tractor Park", "Methodology of Scientific Researches","Leading Animal Husbandry Technologies and Technical Devises for PhD students","Technology Development and Technical Means’ Improving Directions" "Scientific Experiments’ Planning Theory", "Technology of Structure Material", "Material Science", "Metal Cutting Looms and Devices", "Metal Cutting Tools", "Agricultural Machinery Technology", "Machine Designing Basics","Merchandising of Machinery Construction Industry", "Machinery Reliability and Construction", "Electrical Technique and Bases of Electronics", "Automatics and Automation of Production Process", "Electrical Communion", "griculture Electrification", "Theoretical Bases of Electrical Technique", "Mounting of Electrical Equipment", "Electrical Measures", "Electrical Machines", "Electronics", , "Power Supply","Exploitation and Reconstruction of Electrical Equipment", "Alternative Sources of Energy", "Electrical Enlightenment and Radiation", "Energy Audit", "Energy Saving and Management".


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