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Chair of Basics of Graphics and Machine Design

Head of chair
Smbat Daveyan

In 1942 Chair of Graphics was founded in Armenian Agricultural Institute, which was headed by Docent Mikayel Varuncyan(1942-1946), then by Haykaz Vahramyan(1946-1972). Later the chair was renamed as Chair of Graphics and Machine Parts. In 1972-1993 and 1998-1999 Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Karapet Amiryan was the head of chair.

In 1994-1995, 1996-1998 and 1999-2006 the chair was headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences Hayk Karapetyan, and in 1995-1996 the Rector of Armenian Agricultural Academy, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Armen Khachatryan. Since 2006 Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor Ara Amiryan has been elected as the head of chair. In 2007 #536 auditorium was named after K.Amiryan, and was equipped with modern technologies by the efforts of lecturers and chair staff.There are two specialized computer rooms.

Nowadays, scientific-researches are being done in 3 directions: the use of wind-energy resources in RA agriculture, the improvement of mechanical transmission, the elaboration of mountain technologies and the problems of soil-cultivation machines.

In 2000 SAE International Off-Highway Congress recognized the report by Professors K.Amiryan and A.Amiryan to be the best and rewarded by the Certificate of Appreciation, as well as the professors were elected as members of the Committee. Reserches by Professors K.Amiryan and A.Amiryan won the competition organized by the CRDF. 7 manuals, 5 monographs, 129 methodical instructions, 376 scientific articles have been published, 73 copyright patents were received.

The Chair was formed in 1943. Since its establishment until 1948 it has been headed by Professor O. M. Saponjyan. After the liquidation of the Chair subjects were included in the Chair of Metals Technology. After a short time the chair was reopened. During different years V.V.Aleksandryan, V.V.Babajanyan, S.N.Mekinyan,S.H.Daveyan and since 2003 head of chair has been R.S.Minasyan.

Parallel with academic-pedagogical activities large amount of scientific-research works are carried out in different areas of agriculture mechanization and theory of structures in the department. They embrace the questions of cutting plants of stems flexibility decomposition mechanics and development of agricultural machinery and equipment calculation theory, of large panels yielding constructions of high-rise buildings and their tension-deformation conditions, а study of theory on ground mechanics flexibility , agricultural machinery problems , questions on flying devices thin-walled laminar and tubular magnetic intense-deformed preparations, dynamic strength and stability problems of pressure pipes and tubular layerсs made of compositional materials, as well as other problems of agricultural machinery and mechanization field.Scientific-research works have also been implemented with German company “Dorton”.

More than 450 scientific works, among them 4 monographs (A.P. Tarverdyan, R.S.Minasyan), 3 textbooks, 13 scientific handbooks, 15 patents. More than 50 methodical guidelines have worked out.
6 doctorate and 21 candidate dissertations were presented supervised by A.P.Tarverdyan, R.S.Minasyan, V.V.Alexanyan. Professor R.S.Minasyan was awarded by state prize from Russian Federation,a dn A.P.tarverdyan in 2006 was corresponding memeber , and in 2014 full memeber of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia.


Head of chair is Smbat Daveyan - candidate of sciences, docent

  1. Tarverdyan Arshaluys - doctor of sciences, professor, full member of NAS of RA 
  2. Amiryan Ara – doctor of sciences, profesoor
  3. Karakhanyan Karo - doctor of sciences, professor
  4. Karapetyan Hayk - candidate of sciences, docent
  5. Tonapetyan Aram - candidate of sciences, assistant
  6. Kosemyan Eduard - candidate of sciences, docent 
  7. Ananyan Vadim - candidate of sciences, docent 
  8. Minsyan Artur - candidate of sciences, docent 
  9. Avetisyan Artur - lecturer 
  10. Amiryan Ofelya - lecturer
  11. Sargsyan Lusine - lecturer
  12. Ajemyan Aram - lecturer
  13. Khachatryan Naira - assistant
  14. Barseghyan Karine - assistant
  15. Harutyunyan Gayane - assistant
  16. Melikjanyan Armine - senior laboratory assistant
  17. Petrosyan Nazik - senior laboratory assistant
  18. Martirosyan Armine - senior laboratory assistant
  19. Harutyunyan Taron - senior laboratory assistant
  20. Aslanyan Anna - senior laboratory assistant
  21. Brutyan Varduhi - junior laboratory assistant
  22. Stepanyan Anahit - junior laboratory assistant


The Subjects


2015-2016 academic year ու multifactorial components


ANAU, II building, room #537
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