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Animal Husbandry

Grazier experts carry out selection work. They raise poultry and agricultural animals production quality, examine the reasons for their decline and strives to eliminate them. Graziers often help to provide treatment of the animals they are working in farms, agro complexes. Ancillary works for beef, cows, calves, producing bovine care are carried out.

Sanitary Expertise

Sanitary experts are engaged in animal products (milk, eggs, meat, honey) and animal raw materials (fur, wool, etc.) research. The purpose lies in the fact that the experts decide their security for human. Consider diseases of agricultural products and take adequate measures to prevent their spread. In addition the profession includes animal production technologies and products standardization. Sanitation experts can work on state laboratories, markets, scientific-research laboratories.

Veterinary Medicine

Graduates of this specialty may work in laboratories, veterinary stations, research facilities as sanitarians, nurses, assistants. Veterinaries carry out agricultural and domestic animals planned vaccination. Veterinary profession is of great importance for agriculture. Our specialists diagnose infectious and non-infectious diseases and do treatment to prevent their spread.

Pharmaceutical science

The graduate of this specialty receive under graduate qualification in pharmaceutical science. They can work at drugstores, at inspection and control laboratories, at retail and wholesale pharmaceutical companies, drug producing factories, at the customs services, at the laboratories of forensic veterinarian expertise, at those of new drugs development and clinical expertise and research centers as a pharmacist, pharmacist-technologist, as a head or deputy head of drugstore or its storage house, head of department, laboratory, chemist-analyst, researcher, pharmacist-ecologist. They deal with drug research, development, production, packaging, quality assurance, drug sales, advertising and destruction of outdated drugs and products of animal and plant origin. The Pharmacist's activity is aimed at providing human life expectancy longevity and ecologically pure and safe food and raw materials.


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