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Agricultural Animal Morphology, Physiology and Pathologic Anatomy

Head of Chair 
 Grigoryan Nshan

In 2013 structural changes were undertaken in the chairs of this faculty. New chairs were formed, such as the chair of agricultural animal morphology, physiology and pathologic anatomy.
For long years lecturers of the chair have been engaged in scientific and research activities, anatomy of different agricultural animals, buffalo have been observed, as well as specific characteristics of Armenian sheep were observed. For long years lecturers were engaged in scientific and research works. The anatomy of buffalos has been observed, as well as the Armenian sheep physiological, morphological changes.

Valuable researches have been done in the direction of observing gastric juice features, as well as its medical importance and application.
Impact of microelements on the alive organisms has been studied. Biological and large doses of molybdenum, cobalt, aluminum impact on the functions of organ-systems has been observed as well.

During the long year of existence lecturers of the chair have published various text books, educational manuals, anatomical dictionary; thousands of scientific articles, methodical instructions, as well as a lot of text books have been translated. During the recent years by the guidance of professor M.S. Grigoryan , lecturers, PhD students have observed adapting process of birds and agricultural animals. Different experiments have been made on different types of sheep, adaptation mechanisms have been observed. Results of all these scientific activities have been presented in conferences, as well as published in international journals.
Anatomical museum opens its doors in front of guests from Yerevan and abroad. Students, pupils interested in biological aspect are welcome to visit the museum. The Museum has a special register book where guests have written their impressions highly appreciating ANAU activity in this direction.


Head of chair is Grigoryan Nshan - doctor of sciences, professor

    1. Tadevosyan Laura - doctor of sciences, professor 
    2. Mkhitaryan Razmik - doctor of sciences, professor 
    3. Kobelyan Surik - doctor of sciences, docent 
    4. Gevorgyan Susanna - candidate of sciences, docent 
    5. Mirzoyan Margarita - docent 
    6. Grigoryan Ashkhen - candidate of sciences, docent 
    7. Aghajanyan Anna - candidate of sciences, docent 
    8. Vardanyan Lianna - candidate of sciences, docent 
    9. Adamyan Astghik - senior laboratory assistant 
    10. Karakhanyan Hasmik - senior laboratory assistant 
    11. Rshtuni Naira - senior laboratory assistant 
    12. Stepanyan Anahit - senior laboratory assistant 
    13. Gevorgyan Marieta - senior laboratory assistant 
    14. Khachatryan Anush - junior laboratory assistant 
    15. Sargsyan Seda - junior laboratory assistant 
    16. Poghosyan Gayane - candidate of sciences, head of museum 
    17. Ghazaryan Ninel - senior specialist (museum)


    "Anatomy of Domestic Animals", "Physiology of Agricultural Animals","Pathological Anatomy", "Pathological Physiology", "Radio Biology"" and etc.


    2015-2016 academic year multifactorial components

    ANAU, IV building, 301 
    Tel. (37410) 52-36-78, int. 3-72,


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