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Chair of Veterinarian Sanitarian Expertise, Food Safety and Hygiene

Head of Chair
Garegin Hambardzumyan

The chair of Veterinary Sanitation Expertise was established in 1931: the first head of chair was F.A. Turandin, then G. Ter-Hakopov, after professor L.B. Harutyunyan, docent M.L. Kentikyan. In 1966 chair was unified with the chair of Parasitology . Head of the newly established chair was professor V.J. Hakobyan, then professor A.H. Ghevondyan, later docent V.H. Hayrumyan, professor V.J.Hakobyan.
The chair of Zoo Hygiene and Veterinary Medicine was established in 1935. The first chair was T.A. Qalantar. Later the chair was headed by professor L.B. Harutyunyan, docent G.A. Eritsyan, Z.K.Dilanyan, professor V.S. Gazaryan, professors E.G. Abrahamyan, Yu. H. Abovyan.
In 1994 in result of unification of two Universities chair of Veterinary Sanitation, Expertise and Zoo Hygiene.

Employees of the chair take active participation in different international, republican conferences, scientific-methodical conferences , seminars, as well as periodically take part in trainings.
The chair has established close ties with industrial sphere.
Nowadays employees of the chair have great role in safe food ensuring. Taking into the consideration the importance of chair yet in 1998 scientific-research laboratory was established adjunct to the chair. The aim of this laboratory was to raise the quality of specialists and to study important issues of the field.
4 textbooks, 13 manuals, 65 methodical instructions and about 775 scientific articles have been published by the staff of the chair.
Currently scientific research on topic “Yerevan” is carried out.
In 2007 chair was recognized as “The Best” and was awarded with “Voske Haks” prize.


Head of chair is Garegin Hambardzumyan - doctor of sciences

  1. Abrahamyan Viktor - doctor of sciences
  2. Stepanyan Pargev - candidate of sciences, docent
  3. Arzumanyan Sona - candidate of sciences, docent
  4. Petrosyan Gayane - candidate of sciences, docent
  5. Altunyan Siranush - candidate of sciences, docent
  6. Babakhyan Tamara - assistant
  7. Abovyan Arevik – candidate of sciences, lecturer
  8. Abovyan Knarik - laboratory assistant
  9. Mkrtchyan Nelli – laboratory assistant
  10. Shushanyan Mane – laboratory assistant

"Veterinary Sanitation Expertise","Zoo Hygiene on the Basis of Sanitation", "Zoo Hygiene", "Basics of Veterinary Medicine", "Veterinary Medicine", "Sanitation and Food Hygiene of Nursery and Functional Food", "Veterinary Expertise", " Veterinary Sanitary and Expertise of Leather and Fur", "Expertise of Fish and Fishery", "Expertise of Animal Husbandry Products", "Expertise of Plant Origin Raw and Product Expertise", "Animal Origin Raw and Product Expertise", "Animal Origin Raw and Product Safety", "Plant Origin Raw and Product Safety", "Animal Breeding Production Hygiene".


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