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Chair of Private Animal Husbandry

Head of Chair 
Chitchyan Tigran

The Chair of Private Animal Husbandry was founded in 1930, the founder and head of chair was academician A.Z.Tamamshev (Tamamshyan).
Professors Yu.G.Marmaryan, Sh.S.Nersisyan, G.H.Giloyan, R.T.Sargsyan headed the chair for long years, and since 2009 up to now Docent T.Zh.Chitchyan is the head of chair.
For long years lecturers of the chair (A.Tamamshev, G.Apinyan, A.Blrtsyan, Sh.Nersisyan, R.Sargsyan) have done serious scientific and research activities on the direction of establishing and developing Caucasian Nut Brown(Grey) breed, as well as in the direction of solution of some technological problems.
Today, some lecturers of the chair by the financial assistance of state budjet implement scientific research on "Measures of increasing animal-husbandry production by technological improvement of branch management". Young scientists of the chair are engaged in diffrent scientific activities referring to imported productive breeds' biological characteristics, as well as apiculture issues.
A special attention is paid to educational-methodical literature publishing. So far, 22 text-books and a manual, 114 methodical instructions, 504 scientific articles have been published, 11 doctorate dissertaions and 20 candidate dissertations have been presented.
During the recent years a great attention is paid to receiving high quality and safe products, animal well-being, as well as cattle-breeding issues linked with climate changes. Head of chair T.Chitchyan has constantly held consulting activities with farmers all over the Armenia. Among the priorities application of modern technologies and methods is very important.


Head of chair is Chitchyan Tigran - candidate of sciences, docent

  1. Marmaryan Yuri - doctor of sciences, professor
  2. Giloyan Garnik - doctor of sciences, professor
  3. Sargsyan Rashid - doctor of sciences, professor
  4. Pambukhchyan Sargis - doctor of sciences, professor
  5. Abrahamyan Volodya - candidate of sciences, docent
  6. Voskanyan Irina - candidate of sciences, docent
  7. Mkrtchyan Hamlet - candidate of sciences, docent
  8. Harutyunyan Artur - candidate of sciences, docent
  9. Pambukhchyan Zorik - candidate of sciences, docent
  10. Ter-Isahakyan Levon - candidate of sciences, lecturer
  11. Azizyan Arevik - candidate of sciences, lecturer
  12. Chitchyan Jirayr - candidate of sciences, lecturer
  13. Abajyan Araksia - senior specialist
  14. Mkrtchyan Narine - senior laboratory assistant
  15. Jilavyan Armine - senior laboratory assistant
  16. Tarjumanyan Alina - senior laboratory assistant
  17. Movsisyan Susanna - senior laboratory assistant
  18. Nersisyan Anahit - second laboratory assistant


"Cattle Breeding", "Sheep Breeding", "Pig Breeding", "Horse Breeding", "Poultry", "Rabbit Breeding", "Apiculture", "Fish Breeding", "Technology of Production of Animal Husbandry Products", "Private Animal Husbandry", "Commodity Research and Standardization of Animal Husbandry Products".


2015-2016 academic year multifactorial components

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