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Chair of Forestry and Agri-Ecology

Head of Chair
Hasmik Khurshudyan

On November 6, 2018 the chairs of Forestry and Agri-Ecology were reformed upon the decision of Board of Trustees. As a result of the unification the chair of Forestry and Agri-Ecology was established.

The chair of Agriecology was formed in 1999. The chair was established and headed by professor E.M.Hayrapetyan. Since 2008 head of chair is doctor of sciences, professor M.H.Galstyan. About 305 scientific articles, 5 monographs, 16 methodical instructions, 3 textbooks and 9 manuals have been published. In 2005 adherent to chair a Problem Laboratory of Ecology and Organic Agriculture was founded, where Scientific researches are aimed at preservation and effective use of land resources of different regions of the republic, problems of obtaining ecologically safe food from man-made polluted areas.

For the first time in the RA the technology has been elaborated, that enables to obtain ecologicaly safe crop production from industrially polluted areas (E. Hayrapetyan, M. Galstyan, S. Harutyunyan and S. Tamoyan). Currently the problem laboratory conducts technologies of ecologically safe food headed by M. Galstyan.

Scientific, teaching-methodical and research works are conducted together with improvement of curricula. 2 doctorate and 18 candidate theses have been defended.

The chair personnel attaches a great importance to the engagement of students in discussions of ecological issues. In 2005 in the framework of TEMPUS project Olympiad was organized devoted to ecology problems, and agriecologists of ANAU had a glorious victory. In 2006 the problem laboratory of agriecology in the framework of collaboration with US Fresno University has conducted a grant on “ Elaboration of technologies for production of ecologically safe crop products in technogeneous polluted soils of the RA”. In the result of cooperation between the chair of agriecology and Moscow Timiryazev University annualy from 3-5 young lecturers are trained.  In 2011 and 2012, the Chair was awarded with second and third level diplomas, and in 2013 with "Voske Hask" prize as the Best Chair. 

  The chair of Forestry was established in 2003 on the base of chair of Agriecology. Head of chair is RA NAS Corresponding Member, doctor of biological sciences, professor Zh.H.Vardanyan.

Before the chair was formed professor P.A.Khurshudyan has had a great contribution in teaching Forestry subjects, as well as in preparing skilled specialists for the sphere.

The chair also carries out scientific and educational-methodical work improving educational programs. Zh. Vardanyan published the monograph "Derevya and Kushniki Armenia in Prayer and Culture" (2003), "Tree Science" textbook in native language (2005), as well as "Armenian-Russian-English Explanatory Dictionary of Origins and Greenery" (H.Ya. Sayadyan's co-authorship, 2008). Professor Zh. Vardanyan in 2012 published monograph "«Научные основы интродукции древесных растений в Армении»", H.Sayadyan published the textbook "Forest Mapping and Aerospace Information Systems" (2009) and Art. A. Grigoryan's textbook, "Guardian Carpentry" (2010), "Flowerbearing" manual.

ANAU has collaborated with Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences since 2002, in the result curricula and educational plan were worked out for the specialty of "Forestry and Landscape Gardening".  The chair conducts active scientific-research works along with developing and improving the educational process.During all these years the chair has actively been engaged in preparing scientific-pedagogical staff, enriching the laboratories with modern equipment and methodical literature. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences supports the chair in all its undertakings.(2004-2007).


Head of chair is Khurshudyan Hasmik - candidate of sciences, docent

  1. Harutyunyan Slavik - doctor of sciences, professor
  2. Vardanyan Zhirayr - doctor of sciences, professor
  3. Hunanyan Surik - doctor of sciences, docent
  4. Tamoyan Samvel - candidate of sciences, docent
  5. Mkrtchyan Anzhela - candidate of sciences, docent
  6. Sargsyan Karine - candidate of sciences, docent
  7. Markosyan Marine - candidate of sciences, docent
  8. Pahlevanyan Armenuhi - candidate of sciences, docent
  9. Grigoryan Artsvi - candidate of sciences, docent
  10. Khachatryan Hrant - dandidate of sciences, lecturer
  11. Paronyan Armenuhi - candidate of sciences, assistant
  12. Nalbandyan Arpine - candidate of sciences, assistant
  13. Simonyan Lilit - candidate of sciences, laboratory assistant
  14. Matevosyan Lilit - candidate of siences, laboratory assistant
  15. Tarkhanyan Zarine - assistant
  16. Grigoryan Siranush - assistant
  17. Sandukhchyan Armine - junior laboratory assistant
  18. Harutyunyan Ani - junior laboratory assistant
  19. Hayrapetyan Olga - laboratory assistant
  20. Mikayelyan Hripsime - laboratory assistant

"Agriecology", "Environment Protection and Ecological Expertize", " Monitoring of Environment Polution","Agriecology and Environment Protection", " Chemistry of Biosphere", " Basics of Ecology", " Ecological Security of Autotransportation and Protection of Environment", "Issues of Ecology", "Modern Technologies of Agriecology", "Environmental Biotechnology","Recultivation Technologies of Technical Origin Polluted Soil" "Dendrology","Methodology of Forestry Studies", "Forest Preservation", "Forest Biodiversity", "Forestry", "Gardening and Floriculture", "Forest Improvement and Protected Forestry", "Woodworking", "Landscape Gardening and Design", "Forest Cultivation and Forest Regeneration", "Estimation of Forests", "Forest Design and Forestry", "Forest Seed Farming and Planting", "Forest Gardents and Recreation Plantings", "Forest Use", "Landscape Design" and other subjects.


2016-2017 academic year multifactorial components

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