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The College of Armenian National Agrarian University announces admission for 2015-206 academic year for full-time studies for the following specialties:

  • Economics, Accounting and Audit (Agrifood Complex)
  • Management (Agrarian System)
  • Finances (Agrifood System)
  • Organization and Management of Transportation (Autotransportation)
  • Technology of Fermented Products and Wine-Making
  • Land Management
  • Veterinary Sanitary Expertise
  • Agriecology

The ANAU College organizes free and paid education. Studying duration is 3-4 years. Graduates receive a junior specialist Diploma. Advanced graduates are eligible to continue their study in Part-Time terms as 2-nd year students.

An applicant should submit to the admission committee the following documents:

  1. application

  2. education certificate (original or copy)

  3. six photos (3X4 size)

  4. identification card (passport, certificate of birth for under 16 years of old applicants, military card or Form 9 issued by the RA Police department)

  5. document relating to the military service (for the applicants, who are being enrolled into the military service only the documents with appropriate reference in the military registration card about deferment or giving backgrounds for not being enrolled into military service should be accepted, and for applicants who has deferment by reasons of health – only in case of military medical center reference).

Admission procedure is competative.

List of competative exams for the following specialties;

      • Economics, Accounting and Audit (Agrifood complex), Management(Agrarian system), Finances(Agrifood complex) - Mathematics, Physics and Armenian language

      • Organization and Management of Transportation (Autotransportation),Land Management – Mathematics, Physics and Armenian language.

      • Technology of Fermented Products and Wine-making, Veterinary Sanitary Expertise, Agriecology - Chemistry, Biology and Armenian language

Documents are to be submitted from June 25 till August 24.

Address: 009, Yerevan, Teryan 74, II building, IV floor, room #437
Tel: 52-59-37


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