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Historical Review

    Armenian National  Agrarian University, the only higher educational institute in the agrarian sphere in Armenia, celebrated the 80th anniversary of its foundation in 2010. In 1994, in  result of unification of Armenian Agricultural and Yerevan Zootechnical Veterinary Institutes, Armenian Agricultural Academy was founded. It should be mentioned that since the day of foundation both Armenian Agricultural and Yerevan Zootechical Veterinary Institutes have played a great role in promoting and developing agrarian sphere in the RA, as well as in preparing skillful and professional specialists for former USS Republics.

1930, May 6 the authorities of Armenian Socialistic Republic made a decision to reform the Faculty of Agriculture of Yerevan State University into Agricultural Institute, which in the beginning had only 3 faculties. Taking into consideration already made suggestions, USSR Central Executive Committee and National Communist Council made a decision to establish Yerevan Agricultural Institute on the base of Agricultural Faculty of Yerevan State University.

In the beginning about 50 lecturers lectured such as professors H. G. Gyulqevkhyan, Kh. A. Yeritsyan, P. B. Kalantaryan, A. Z. Tatamshev(Tamamshyan), A. G. Ter Petrosyan, N. A. Troitski, B. G. Masino, docents G. P. Grdzelyan, H. H. Akunyan. T. A. Jrbashyan, D. G. Hakobjanyan  and others who had moved from YSU.



In 1931, September, by the decree of director of Agricultural Institute H.Akunyan(Inorganic and Analytic Chemistry), H.A.Navatikyan(Physics), S.Aghamalyan(Anatomy and Physiology of Plants), A.G.Araratyan(Systematics and Morphology of Plants), A.G.Ter-Poghosyan(Zoology), V.Martirosyan(Historical Materialism), P.B.Kalantaryan(Agro Chemistry, Bacteriology and Land Reclamation), G.Kh.Aghajanyan(General Agriculture and Cotton Processing), M.G.Tumanyan(Private Agriculture) and G.P.Grdzelyan(Gardening and Horticulture) were reappointed in the position of head of chair. According to the same decree, A.G.Nersisyan, T.A.Jrbashyan, Kh.P.Mirimanyan, D.N.Babayan, A.Petrosyan, N.A. Malatyan, S.Avetyan, A.Vermishyan, S.S.Sahakyan were appointed in the position of docent, and E.M.Movsisyan, A.M.Hakobyan, A.Vardanyan, S.S.Khachatryan - in the position of acting docent.


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