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Department of Food Science and Biotechnology

In 2000 the Laboratory of Cell Interaction of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia was established by the initiative of Doctor of Biological Sciences A. Z. Pepoyan and in 2002 it was recognized as the best young laboratory in the NAS. In order to invest the achievements in the field of molecular biology and biotechnology, as well as to integrate students and young scientists in this field, in 2008 the laboratory became a part of ANAU and it was renamed as Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, and in 2010 - Department of Food Security and Biotechnology. Research works on the molecular mechanisms of the activity of microorganisms are carried out on the genetic, metabolic and membrane level including

•    research concerning the monitoring of bacterial pollution and antibiotic spread
•    elaboration of clinical bacteriological methods, estimation of dysbiosys in different pathologies
•    study of the placebo effect, elaboration of microbiological means for regulating the micro flora dysfunction of human and animals
•    assessment of food security, particularly diagnosis of genetically modified organisms
•    study of the factors influencing bacterial cells.

Employers of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology actively collaborate with research institutes of Russian Federation, USA, France, Japan, Canada, Great Britain, etc. During the recent 5 years the laboratory has implemented 14 international grants.The elaboration of an effective program “Biotest” is one of the achievements of the laboratory. This program is meant for Enterobacteriaceae differentiation and may be widely used for food diagnosis. ASAP pro biotic was elaborated and licensed by the laboratory staff.

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