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Laboratory of Genofond and Selection of Plants

Բույսերի գենոֆոնդի և սելեկցիայի պրոբլեմային լաբորատորիաInspired by Vavilov, Grosgheim, Tumanyan and others’ research works, conducted in 1930, professor P.A. Ghandilyan in 1981 founded the research laboratory of cultivated plants and the genofond of their wild relatives and has headed it till 2001. Young and talanted specialists (J.Shakaryan, M.Harutyunyan, H. Martirosyan, M.Hovhannisyan, A.Avagyan, I.Avagyan, H.Matevosyan, H.Mirzoyan, H.Khachatryan, L. Mkrtchyan, R. Martirosyan, A.Melikyan) organize different kinds of experiments in the laboratory.Doctor of agricultural sciences, professor M.A.Gyulkhasyan headed the laboratory from 2001 till 2011. Since 2011 the laboratory is headed by doctor of agricultural sciences, professor A.Sh.Melikyan.

Every year united visits are being organized to different regions of Armenia. During these visits a huge material is being collected which later is observed under the laboratory conditions. Currently the seed collection ex situ consists of more than 5400 samples, 2650 of them are wide sorts, and others are sorts imported from abroad and some local sorts. 1400 herbarium sheets of plants are preserved. In result of selection laboratory employees received the following types of grain; Voskehask, Ararat 7, Sis 1, Arpi, Arevik, Syunik 1. Currently works are being carried out for receiving new sorts. The laboratory closely collaborates with international scientific organizations(FAO, GIZ, IPGRI/ Biversity International/, GEF, ICARDA, CIMMYT, Svalbard Global Seed Vault(Norway), VIR. Since 2001 laboratory employees with the leadership of professor M.A.Gyulkhasyan carry out researches in the direction of receiving wild sorts of grain, creating a seed bank for preservation, collecting electronic data base and using of wild sorts for receiving new ones.

Բույսերի գենոֆոնդի և սելեկցիայի պրոբլեմային լաբորատորիաCurrently, active scientific works are being carried out by doctor of sciences, professor A.Melikyan, candidates of sciences; docent H.Martirosyanm leading scientific employee, candidate of sciences M.Harutryunyan, scientific employees candidate of sciences H.Terteryan, candidate of sciences S.Grigoryan, candidate of sciences N.Gasparyan, M.Hovhannisyan, L.Avetisyan, T.Aloyan, L.Petrosyan.

ANAU, I building, room #210
Tel: +374 (10) 56 38 40


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