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Sisian Branch

Director - 
Tigran Vandunc

Sisian branch of Armenian National Agrarian University was established by the decision No 976-N of the Government of the Republic of Armenia on June 25, 2004. The opening of a branch had a strategic importance for such a remote region of the country as Sisian. An educational building was given to a new branch in 2006.
The first entrance was held in 2005-2006 academic year for the following seven specialties. 


  • Agronomy
  • Milk and Diary Technology
  • Land Management and Land Cadastre
  • Economics and Management of Agrarian Production
  • Agrifood System Accountancy and Audit
  • Veterinary Sanitary Expertise
  • Animal Husbandry

The branch management bodies are the scientific and management boards.The Student council is a self-governing body, which represents students’ interests, is engaged in public activities, organizes cultural and sports events.

In 2012-2013 academic year there are 322 students studying at the branch from different regions. There is a system of tuition fee reimbursement (discount) in the branch. 

Since 2007-2008 academic year the Base lyceum has started its full-time activity which gives an opportunity to students having high progress to continue their education in higher courses in the mother institution by the appropriate professions. The branch has a library with professional, belletristic books. The library fund is periodically replenished by professional books of last publication.

4 sections were established in the branch in 2009:

  • Department of "Humanities and Economic Subjects", head of the department K.G.Hunanyan;
  • Department of "Mathematical and Technical Subjects", head of the department M. O. Khachatryan;
  • Department of "Agrobiological and Technological Subjects", head of the department A.B. Shoghunts;
  • Department of "Natural Biological Subjects", head of the department H.T. Harutunyan.

The students undergo their pre-diploma practical training in state and private organizations, as well as in the educational-experimental department of the branch. Lectures are periodically held in the modern online mode of teaching. The branch has an educational-experimental department, where students and assistants carry on their laboratory, educational, research activities. 

A greenhouse of 100 sq.m., financed by Sisian territorial development program of "World Vision" humanitarian organization, was built and put into operation in the territory of the branch where the branch students enrich their practical knowledge.

RA, Sisian, Shirvanzade 7
Tel: (02832) 36-71,inner 2-36-71

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