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"Agrobiotechnology Scientific Center" Branch of ANAU Foundation

Director of Branch
Sahakyan Aghvan

Scientific Center of Agribiotechnology was established in 2004, October 25. In 2005 by the assistance of Ministry of Agriculture "Plants' Genetic Resource National Bank" was established. In 2012 scientific center was united with "Armenian State Agrarian University" SNCO with the status of branch. Currently the scientific center is one of ANAU branches. Since its foundation it has been headed by Aghvan Sahakyan.  

  The main activities of the center are as follows:

  • Virus-free seed-potato production by tissue culture techniques
  • Development of effective technology for virus-free seedlings micro reproduction
  • In vitro differentiation of plants and studying of their growth peculiarities
  • Ex situ and in vitro plant conservation, in-vitro selection

The scientific center implements practical base scientific and scientific-technical researches by the assistance of RA Ministry of Education and Science. Due to the Scientific Center of Agrobiotechnology for the first time an extensive work has been done in the direction of healed potato seedling varieties (Nevsky, Impala, Marfona, Arinda, etc.) and perspective cultivars (imported mainly from CIP) production in Armenia. Technologies have been developed for already studied varieties of potato, which will give a chance to organize high quality seedling production. Among the sort varieties imported from CIP the most productive ones have been selected. In May of 2014 the laboratory of aeoponics was esatblished in the center. Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium.

 Some steps have been already undertaken to promote the mass production of the above mentioned cultivars as well as to develop technologies for the mass production of grape, crop/ornamental crop high quality seedlings by means of the biotechnological methods. Gathering of crops and crop wild relatives, their regeneration, description, evaluation and documentation - all these activities are done in the genbank.


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