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Department of Science


Vice Rector on Scientific Affairs,
Doctor of Economic Sciences,
Professor Hrachya Tspnetsyan

  Department was established in April, 2012. In August, 1998, in result of reforms at Armenian Agricultural Academy, the Scientific Center was formed. In 1972 in Armenian Agricultural and Yerevan Zoo Veterinary Institutes scientific-research sectors used to be operating, which had one common aim to coordinate and organize scientific works and papers. In the scientific sector of Agricultural Institute of Armenia as heads of department used to work A.J. Aghasaryan, N.A.Azatyan, S.O.Kalachyan, A.V.Shogheryan, and in Yerevan Zoo Veterinary Institute – Yu.H.Abovyan, G.B.Serobyan, H.S.Melikyan, E.S.Aslanyan.
  According to the new form of the RA State Budget financing Administration of Science was formed in the newly established AAA. Till its reformation it was used to be headed by A.A.Aghababyan, and untill October 2018 the Scientific Center was headed by the doctor of technical sciences, professor D. Petrosyan. From then doctor of Economic Sciences, professor H. Tspnetsyan was appointed as a Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs at ANAU.
The main directions of the Department of Science activity are:

  • organization and analyze of scientific works implemented in scientific subdivisions and chairs of university
  • information assurance of university’s scientific activity
  • strengthening communication between science and industry
  • coordination of inventory and innovative activity
  • organization of PhD, master and bachelor students’ scientific-research activity
  • assurance of scientific-educational processes unity

Structural subdivisions of scientific sphere are: Department of Science, Branches - “Scientific Center of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Melioration after H.Petrosyan”, “Scientific Center of Viticulture and Viniculture”, “Scientific Center of Agrobiotechnology”, Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture Mechanization, Electrification and Automobile Transportation , Scientific Research Institute of Food Technology, Food Security and Biotechnology, Research Center of Agrarian Policy and Economics, the 5 problem laboratories: Plants’ Protection and Pesticides Synthesis, Plants’ Genofond and Selection , Ecology and Organic Agriculture, Agricultural Animals’ Selection, Genetics and Feeding, Veterinary and Veterinary Sanitary Expertise, Department of Postgraduate Studies, Licensing and Standardization Sector.
Department of Science closely collaborates with scientific-educational institutions of our country, as well as of the Russian Federation, the USA, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, China, Spain, France, Norway, Serbia, Japan and etc.

The university implements scientific-research activities in the following directions:

  • soil origin, classification, geographic prevalence studies
  • agroindustrial, soil science and agrochemical mapping works of soil
  • macro and micro food element assurance studies of indicators of fertility of land resources
  • studies on soil fertility preservation and reproduction ensuring optimal models, crop fertilization systems, receipt of new fertilizers, expertise, fertility indicators’ changes
  • study of soil erosion processes and development of anti erosion activities
  • development of new technologies for salt affected and saline sodic soils melioration new technologies
  • studies of technical origin contaminated territories
  • development of effective measures against desertification
  • studies of collector ditch nets, ground and irrigation waters’ quality features
  • vegetative studies of different sorts, types of grape and hybrid seedling
  • receipt of sorts with economical-biological high-valued features of fruit corps
  • genofond preserving and replenishment works for grape and fruit corps
  • development of technologies for vegetable crops’, potatoes’, forest trees’, decorative plants’ antivirus planting material receipt in biotechnological ways
  • biotechnological studies of agricultural corps’ genetic features , preservation of plants’ genetic resources and their application in selection process
  • development of new measures and expertise of agricultural corps and diseases
  • development of new technologies for receiving ecologically secured plant origin food in different climate zones of the RA, for degraded forests’ preservation and renewal technologies
  • breeding and improvement of agricultural animals and birds with high production features adaptive in different climate zones in the RA
  • livestock management, agricultural animal feeding, behavior systems’ development 
  • genofond preservation of agricultural animals, as well as of non traditional branches
  • recovery of breeding activity, monitoring, development, planning of new technologies 
  • diagnostics of agricultural animals’ infectious and non infectious diseases, development of measures for their prevention
  • development and application of effective methods in the field of agriculture
  • development and investment of technologies for agricultural raw and food production
  • automation of agricultural production technologies, projection of small volume agricultural machines, preparing of testing models
  • studies the economical reforms, marketing and other aspects of RA agro industrial system
  • development of measures and technologies for effective usage of water resources, irrigation

Structure of Department of Science


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